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Wayne Hemingway MBE

Design, Creative, Ethical Entrepreneur United Kingdom

Business Development & Strategy
Branding, Marketing & Leadership
Responsible & Ethical Business
Innovation, Design & Creativity
Inspirational Personal "Rags to Red or Dead" keynote
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Wayne is an internationally renowned business, retail and design speaker with strong ethical and social values. He is a deeply intelligent, witty and charaterful speaker, who is not shy to give his opinion on topics he feels passionately about. Wayne speaks with gravitas on themes around Design, Marketing, Leadership, Creativity, Innovation, the Ethical Economy. Wayne has a rich history, originally rising to international accliam with the success of Red or Dead, the fashion brand that he and his wife, Gerardine grew into a globally-celebrated label and finally sold in a multi-million-pound deal.

Wayne has been a regular face on TV over the years, being particularly well known for his unashamed 'say-is-as-it-is' attitude. He has equally held senior positions influencing britain, including Director of the British Fashion Council, and a board member of Commission for Architecture, and professor of several of the UK's Universities. He was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list of 2006, and runs international design agency Hemingway Deisgn from London.

Wayne is ideal for a keynote for a general entrepreneur or leadership conference, or specifically on a design, creativity, innovation, urban design, circular economy or ethical design event.


Wayne's Story
With a career spanning four decades in the design industry, Wayne Hemingway has a fair few stories to tell and lessons to give – and people love to hear them. His talks are insightful, thought-provoking, inspiring, often hilarious and always truthful, warts and all

This talk encompasses his erstwhile role as Director of The British Fashion Council, to being on The Trustee Board of the Design Council and the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. Wayne's eye-opening insights on how creativity can have social and societal impact and also enhance the bottom line are endlessly riveting and provide real talking points for business owners, employees and students alike.

Branding, Marketing & Leadership
Wayne explores the contrasts and synergies between building Red or Dead in the 80s, before the internet, and building today's brands using social networking/digital marketing, today's societal values along with effective and creative leadership techniques. HemingwayDesign have created some of the most impactful brands over the past decade from FTSE 100 companies to large scale developers to place brands for towns such as Middlesbrough, Bognor Regis and Thamesmead.

Regeneration, Housing, Urban Design and Architecture
Over the past two decades, HemingwayDesign have delivered a number of high profile and award-winning affordable new build housing schemes, 'turned around' troubled estates, have a string of impactful seaside regeneration projects under their belts and an extensive worldwide knowledge of creative led regeneration, great urban design and architecture. Wayne was the chairman of the place-making campaigning body Building For Life and sat on the Trustee Board of CABE (Commission for Architecture and Built Environment) for 8 years. His views are forthright, often provocative, and as HemingwayDesign works with some of Britain’s largest house builders and developers, is able to comment on the state of an industry which has a significant impact on the economy and our well-being.

Creatively Led Regeneration, Brave and Generous Design
The HemingwayDesign team have led on and have extensive knowledge of creatively led regeneration worldwide. Wayne talks about creative led regeneration, bravery and generosity in  design that is happening from the Mitte in Berlin to Brooklyn whilst also taking in their own work in Margate, Gateshead, Boscombe, Blackburn and more.

Key Facts

Countries Performed In

  • UK
  • Scandinavia
  • Japan
  • Dubai

Clients Past & Present

  • McDonalds
  • Coca-Cola
  • BBC

Talk Time Duration

  • 45 minutes