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Steve Simpson

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Steve Simpson is an international speaker, consultant and author based in Melbourne, Australia. UK based e-Customer Service World have described Steve as ‘Australia’s leading corporate culture authority’. SOCAP in Europe have described Steve as ‘the leading Australian Customer Care Guru’. Steve is the creator of the globally acclaimed UGRs® (unwritten ground rules) concept— used by organisations to understand and strategically improve workplace cultures.

Steve has two broad areas of expertise that he shares with conference delegates.

One of his talents lies in helping teams gain advantage from outstanding customer service—assisting organisations to go beyond the traditional customer service marketing clichés to a point where a genuine commitment to service becomes part of the fabric of the organisation.

Another unique talent of Steve’s centres around his ability to help leaders craft workplace cultures that create distinct and lasting competitive advantage. Typically, Steve will share his insights through the lens of his UGRs (unwritten ground rules) concept that has been acclaimed as a breakthrough in understanding and improving workplace cultures.

Steve has achieved international recognition as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) the highest speaker accreditation recognised by the International Federation of Professional Speakers. One key to the demand for Steve’s presentations lays in the fact that he partners with organisations, sometimes intensely, to create and lock-in change. So Steve’s insights aren’t solely based on theory—rather, he is able to capitalise on his ongoing work with organisations of all sizes across the globe and apply these learnings.

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  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • India
  • China
  • America

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  • Kmart Australia & NZ
  • McLaren Automotive (UK)
  • Next (UK)
  • Boost Juice
  • Stryker
  • LEGO

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