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Sandi Givens

Courageous Communication & Workplace Mental Health Specialist Australia

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces
Rebuilding Teams
Increased Productivity
Authentic, Courageous & Respectful Communication
Leadership & Team Culture


No one wants to talk about - or deal with - the elephants in the room.

It could get messy. It might create dissension and conflict. It may upset some people. It's like 'rocking the boat'.

Yet those 'elephants' are exactly what needs to be talked about. The longstanding, unresolved conflicts. The annoyances that were small at the start yet now loom large within the culture of your team. All the things that get discussed behind people's backs, rather than to their face. It feeds the grapevine and fuels gossip.

Sandi’s style is provocative, not prescriptive. She doesn’t tell people what to do. Rather, she believes the best value she can add to your organisation is to provoke people's thinking and help them reach their own new approaches that will truly work for them.

As a survivor of Postnatal Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sandi knows all too well the isolation someone with mental health challenges can experience. Tragically, her brother chose to end his life many years ago and Sandi knows the enormous impact that has on family and friends.

She is on a mission to create workplaces that are highly productive, profitable, psychologically safe and enable everyone to perform at their best – and perhaps even save some lives along the way.

Key Facts

Countries Performed In

  • 6

Clients Past & Present

  • beyondblue
  • Downer Group
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • AGL
  • IOOF
  • Deakin University
  • Ernst & Young
  • The Universities of Melbourne, Monash and NSW
  • IBM. 
  • Canon

Talk Time Duration

  • 60 Minutes