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Jonathan Creek

The Viral Video Guy Australia

Spread Factor
Brain Science + Top Brands = billions of views
The Video Era
Weapons of Mass Consumption
How to hijack attention and influence people
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The journey. The formula. Unlocking the code to engineering viral videos - an interactive audience experience that covers the thinking, motivation and findings of 5 years of research.

Jonathan is an award winning investigative journalist, highly respected brand storyteller and guerilla marketer. After turning his attention to the dissection, research and creation of viral videos, he created his recognised "Spread Factor" Formula TM.

With an understanding that the brands are the broadcasters of the future and that sharing is the most powerful validation on social media - cracking the code, the art and the science behind why some videos 'spread' became Jonathan's passion and obsession.

With decades of storytelling and attention grabbing experience on prime time television, as well as 5 years in advertising and an appetite for finding answers, Jonathan couldn't resist this quest.

By reverse-engineering the elements in the "Spread Factor" Formula, entrepreneurs, brands and influencers can all enjoy a powerful advantage in the media world.

Jonathan's interactive presentations are high energy, packed with passion and delivered by a professional where audiences get to take away something valuable to implement.

Key Facts

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  • Netball Australia
  • RAMS Homeloans
  • Sigma
  • 2XU
  • AFL
  • Channel 7
  • Channel 9

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  • 45