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Jim Hughes

From 'the grind' to 'aligned' - Inspire your team, harness their gifts and unleash their potential United Kingdom

Assess your business foundations
Let go of expectations
Imagine an epic future
Get rid of the wrong goals
Nurture your people's gifts


Jim approaches his work the way he approaches life, with energy and passion.

He has lived in nine countries, run an ultra-marathon with no training and skied the longest giant slalom race wearing only a g-string.

At the age of 30 he became burnt out running a multi-million business with no experience, in an unfamiliar industry through a generation-defining recession. He spent years wasting his energy pushing in the wrong direction.

Jim now helps unleash the potential of high performing teams by harnessing their energy and aligning them with the goals they're truly inspired by.

Jim delivers every keynote talk as if it's his last, using hilarious and fascinating stories to move your audeince to action and create trasnformation in your people.

Key Facts

Countries Performed In

  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Spain

Clients Past & Present

  • M1 Mastermind
  • GoBundance
  • Nomad City 2019

Talk Time Duration

  • 45 Minutes