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Jem Fuller

Leadership and Culture Australia

Diversity, Connection and a Remarkable Result - the story of what's possible when a common cause dissolves the fears of difference
Unlocking the Code of Culture - A process you can follow to make your workplace somewhere people want to be
Daring To Be You - Vulnerability, Authenticity and Self-Trust
Feminine/Masculine Leadership - If we don't change our ways we won't survive


Whilst leading a 100 million dollar division of a multi-national organisation, Jem realised how pressure to drive profit growth can push us away from our values and authentic self. Insert a mid-life 'crisis/awakening' and Jem then propels himself on a new mission to understand human behaviour and functional leadership. Drawing on his bohemian adventurous background, with an extraordinary variety of experiences, Jem has developed a message that hits home with impactful insights.

In this rapidly changing landscape, with exponential developments in areas such as artificial intelligence, how will you still be adding value when technology does a lot of things better than us? The answer is in your ability to form authentic and meaningful relationships, allowing you to influence and lead your clients to their best outcome.

Learn how to read, understand and connect with people more deeply as Jem decodes some of the matrix of human behaviour. Learn how to adjust your delivery while maintaining authenticity. Walk away with tools to form the rapport and trust you need to be able to lead your clients and teams where they need to go.

Outcomes: you will leave with the confidence and step-by-step guide to stop relying solely on your skill set and industry knowledge, and start using more emotional intelligence and human understanding, to better serve your clients.

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