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Jane Malyon

The Currency Of Courtesy United Kingdom

How Afternoon Tea Can Change The World - And Your Business
Putting The TEA Into TEAm Building
The Etiquette of Business


Jane is quintessentially English and has been called a National Treasure! She’s been delivering her amusing keynotes, workshops and team building events for years and is always surprising, unique and impactful. She has a 20 year background of helping business employees communicate better, improving dysfunctional teams and generally assisting companies to ‘Play Nicely - Best Behaviour in Business’ (one of Jane’s three books).

Eight years ago, Jane followed another of her interests and began The English Cream Tea Company to deliver charming corporate gifts and hampers world-wide. Her book: ‘Scone or Scon(e) - the Essential Guide to British Afternoon Tea’ was published in 2019 and became an Amazon Best Seller.  As an entrepreneur and expert in her field, Jane’s been featured in national papers, magazines, BBC TV and Radio plus international TV. 
For her keynotes, she combines her Afternoon Tea etiquette expertise with communication insights to raise corporate and client engagement.  High turnover?  Low Morale?  Too many Sick Days?  Poor Communication?  Jane helps you create a culture of engagement and courtesy - which translates directly into staff retention, productivity, diplomacy, higher morale and customer service. Cucumber sandwiches and cake stands may be involved but in reality, Jane offers you an inspiring, memorable messages full of ‘takeaway strategies’ around internal communications for your organisation and clients.
Her TEDx was How Afternoon Tea Could Save The World and now that’s adapted to How Afternoon Tea Could Change Your Business! It has less to do with tasty carbohydrates of course, and more to do with what we can learn from the metaphors of the teapot, sugar bowl and scones etc! Transfer the niceties of teatime manners into business communication and you have rapport, consideration, sharing, teamwork, listening and thanking...the very ingredients of corporate engagement.

Jane’s happy to support your event with tailored material and promotion. Her talks are described as inspirational, delightful, engaging, entertaining, useful, fantastic!  

Key Facts

Countries Performed In

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

Clients Past & Present

  • National Health Service
  • Intu
  • KPI/Dent

Talk Time Duration

  • 45 Minutes