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Holly Budge

Think Big, Dream Bigger - Turning Fear Into Action United Kingdom

Believe in the power of YOU to effect positive change
Take that first step to climb your Everest
Learn how to say ‘yes’
See how overwhelming challenges can become manageable and achievable tasks
Identify with ‘real’ role models, surround yourself with passionate and purpose-driven people


Described as “one of the UK’s most accomplished female adventurers”, Holly is no stranger to fear. From becoming the first woman to skydive Everest, racing 1000 kms across Mongolia on semi-wild horses, summiting Mount Everest and immersing herself on the front line with a fully armed, all-female, anti-poaching team in Zimbabwe, fear is Holly’s driving force to seek out these extreme experiences. She has discovered how to turn her fear into positive action, even when her body is screaming no but her mind is whispering yes.

Holly will inspire you to think big and dream bigger. Her passion, purpose and self-belief is contagious. She will show you how taking purposeful, actionable steps will propel you to reach your goals in life and work. She has literally motivated thousands of people around the world to run, climb and jump into their own adventures, simply by inspiring them to turn fear into action.
Recently, Holly traversed 243kms of seriously rugged terrain from one coast of New Zealand to the other, in a gruelling 17.5 hours. Using nothing more than her feet, a paddle and some peddling, Holly’s iron-will and grit determination saw her confront her deep-rooted fear of fast-moving water; She kayaked 70kms down the mighty Waimakariri Gorge as well as running 33km over rocky mountainous terrain and cycling 140 km. She noticed at the finish line that beyond her fatigue, she still had more in the tank. But how much? Through real life examples, Holly shows us why we should never underestimate the sheer power of the human mind and body. Often we can do so much more and go so much further than we think we can.
Holly came close to her limits when climbing Ama Dablam, a technical and exposed peak next to Mount Everest. Her summit push was over 24 hours and saw her scaling a steep ice face up to the summit, followed by a challenging descent; She abseiled a staggering forty one times into the pitch dark abysses, with a 2000m drop beneath her. This hardcore climb was a game changer. Her body was dehydrated, freezing cold and exhausted. Her hallucinations were so intense she almost succumbed to them but her mind didn’t allow her to give up, which would have meant certain death. Turning fear into action has allowed Holly to seek out and embrace experiences most others never get to.
Holly’s talents are not limited to adventure; Passionate about design and conservation, Holly uses her adventures to raise funds for her award-winning charity, How Many Elephants. Founded whilst she was studying for a Masters in Sustainable Design, Holly has fundraised over £300K to date and is making a big impact in the world of African Elephant conservation.
Holly’s honest and engaging style of storytelling, combined with her nail-biting stories and powerful videos, will amaze and entertain you, whilst driving you to feel inspired, rejuvenated and ready to scale your Everest. Let’s stop procrastinating and start climbing...

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