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Gregory Offner


Leadership through change


Gregory Offner is an internationally known dueling pianist, who just happened to have a 17-year career in corporate sales and insurance. Using this unique background, Greg weaves song and story together to deliver a mesmerizing tale of fortune and frustration - the ups and downs of disruption.

Having worked over 40 jobs before turning 30; attended 4 different schools before age 14; and endured 12 major surgeries to repair extensive damage to his voice from a career in music and sales, Greg doesn’t just speak on disruption...he has lived it!

His studies of Philosophy and Psychology enable him to simplify the science of why we create the patterns we do - where they come from, and how to change them to amplify results.

From his career as a top-performing sales executive with Fortune 500 companies, to a 12-year run around the globe as a professional musician Greg brings a track record of integrity, creativity, and passion to every event - oh, and he also brings an electric piano!

Key Facts

Countries Performed In

  • 9

Clients Past & Present

  • Eisner Amper
  • Leadercast
  • B PHL Innovation Festival
  • SHRM
  • KMRD Partners Inc.

Talk Time Duration

  • 60 Minutes